Private tour – Rainbow Mountain Cusco


The Rainbow Mountain, also known as 7 colors Mountain, Cerro Colorado we can do in 1 day , This wonder belongs to the Ausangate located in the mountain range of the Vilcanota, province of Pitumarca and department of Cusco, has its highest point at about 5,000 meters. approximately. Mountain color is natural and this because of the large amount of sedimentary stones in erosion, what makes it so beautiful and impressive is how these stones are formed to give it the appearance of rainbow.



Our staff will come to pick you up at 04:00 am to your respective hotel, we will board a private car to then go to the village of Pitumarca, during the trip we will pass through different towns and enjoy the incredible views of the Peruvian Andes. Arriving at a stop to enjoy a delicious breakfast and provisions of some things necessary to start the tour. After this short stop, we will continue our journey where they observe the landscapes, the mysterious mountains and the deep valleys. We will arrive to the village of Chillca to 3700 meters above sea level From here starts the walk uphill for 4 hours until you reach the mountains of Rainbow. When you reach the top of the mountain you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the Andes and the Andean fauna. All the mountains surrounding this area are red and there are stunning views of the valleys and mysterious mountain of 7 colors, where we will have enough time to be able to take photos and videos. After the great experience we will undertake the Trek’s return, in 2 hours, then enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch you can visit some of the homes of the local family and take the transportation back to Cusco Later we will return to Cusco at 18.00 hours, so we finished the tour to the mountain of 7 colors.



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